5 Minute Forex Scalp Trading Strategy Using Bollinger Bands


  1. what's the bollinger band period? 14? I assume 2 standard deviations as well?

  2. Hi Yolanda I am new at forex trading and wanted to know how to identify when the price on the candle stick closes.  What exactly I'm I looking for on the candle to show me that it is closed? When is the best time to trade the forex for usd/jpy and eur/usd?Thanks, Tina

  3. A lot of knowledge in just a short video, Thank you this helped me a lot more .

  4. First thank you so much for these awesome videos. Can I trade this strategy on any major pairs. Any advice …

  5. Excellent video..I've already done some back testing and its looking good. My question is, how well would this work with a small $1000 account? Thanks

  6. I've loss my money but when I see you video I will try it again maybe I need more to learn about the methods and strategy of tradings.hope your video good for me.thanks for the video.

  7. Nice video hope can help me to win in tradings

  8. do you have more about trading with Bollinger band like you are showing now?

  9. Thank you for sharing!

  10. so helpful!! thanks.. may god give ur a lot wealth!!

  11. What is the best time(s) of the day/night to use this strategy? I usually trade using the 15 min chart.

  12. Thank you for your video on Bollinger bands.  Can you suggest the ideal settings for the Bands ?  Cheers Gav

  13. I agree completely with not putting your stop loss too close and letting the trade work itself out. I just started trading forex this week and made over 50+ pips. Still learning, but i love it and i also enjoy using the band strategy it works a majority of the time. All the best, great videos!

  14. I see the entry and exit point in this video, but how can I identify the trend w.r.t bb here?

  15. what indicator can I use that will work best for BB and to pinpoint my trades. I'm using 1hr TF. thanks. love the vid

  16. What does narrow and wide width of bands means and how to identify sudden big falls in pips

  17. will u tell me bb daivation and period

  18. i like u r video too much good work all the best

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