Fibonacci Strategy. Forex Trading that Works!


  1. Well done Jana. I trade similar way you trade check one of my small live acc. It is a bit risky but you have to have courage, if you want make money see my results. I have been making very good withdrwals


  2. Having not much time but kept all activities aside for watching such an awesome forex learning videos.

  3. graed video thanks for published

  4. Hi Janna i cant find your money management video please share the link thanks

  5. Hi Janna, I've watched your videos and they have been helping me a lot but I have a question for you, you say on this video you can go for a higher profit than your usually 10 pips but if you have already set your peding order with you take profit how you set to go more than 10 pips, when you see you can go more than it? Thank you very much, I'm your fan ;)

  6. Hi janna,

    Thanks for the video, its really helpful!

    I have a question, when i use fib, can i pick any down/up trend to predict where could be a good place to out?

    Thanks again!

  7. Nice video, thanks Janna =))

  8. do u have skype id?my skype id is abdullmuneer please contact me thanx,

  9. hi jaana i like your all videos but please how can i try it in demo acc. i want to try it in demo acc.but how?then i will contact in real acc. please help.thank you jaan,

  10. Hi Janna do you do online Mentoring?
    Great work.

  11. Thank you very much for your tutorial Janna FX! I feel like I actually learned something.

  12. Keep placing orders honey. ;)

  13. Hi Janna, i wanted to ask if this method still works? Thank you

  14. Hi Janna! Thank you so much for your videos. Its all awesome and informative. Ive been watching them over and over not to miss any details. I just want to ask if you have vidoes for analyzing the candle sticks?

  15. so if im correct your stop loss would be 20 pips?

  16. first time i saw video and first time i beggin to make profit thanks

  17. one aspect of price action that you used, some people refer to as sideways market or sideways drift. then, when the price action moves up or down out of a channel formed by the sideways drift price action, that seems like a good time to enter a trade. and sometimes price action can move quickly out of a channel. I tried that with 15 minute time frame.

    but what about support and resistance lines? do you like to use pivot lines?

    lately, I tried to trade with 5 minute time frame, but have been losing money. I see potential in trading with a faster time frame, but I think that may require a considerable amount of time and money to master. 

    tonight I traded with 15 minute time frame window, next to 1 hour time frame window, and that feels like a good combo.

  18. Great information. Many thanks

  19. Hi Janna;
    Very nice and useful video , thanks for all the effort that you are making for the new traders, you are a nice and kind person, God bless you ,cheers Reza

  20. Janna, Great vidéo as usual ! I'm specially waiting for your video about how to trade the news events 
    Keep on good work ! 
    Cheers :)

  21. Great video, the first time I understand the scheme Fibonacci, but I think in order to get a, profit ,we must screen control,or not to risk .

  22. Janna, what part in U.S. do you live? And, what time do you usually trade everyday? and do u watch the screen all time?

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