Forex 5-Minute Scalping Strategy


  1. How do you know when price is trending? I am a newbie so I am not sure what the means…

  2. Hello. I'm testing your strategy on this video using MA scalping on a 5 Min chart. But i'd like to know what type of MA is used SMA or EMA? Please comment ASAP. Thank you.

  3. Hey, I'm wondering where you should place the stop loss in a situation like this, thanks for the strategy it works very well.

  4. Thank you very much, God bless you…

  5. Great Strategy. Quick question though, How often is the trend gonna be perfect like that on a 5 min chart?

  6. hi! what would the MA Method be? Simple or Exponential? Do I apply it to Open or Close please?

  7. u r absolutely amazing… all videos of urs….I lost my money in market…n I stopped but after watching ur videos m all set to play my second inning. great work…God bless u

  8. Hi extraordinary , Iveset up everything on trading view. 50 ma , 10 and 15 , but still confused as to what to look out for, wanna really start on this too, you able to help out

  9. does the 10 ma needs to cross the 15 first,?and wait till price reverses ?damit think im trying the strategy the wrong way smh

  10. Thanks you what about buy condition ?

  11. thank you Madam for this precious video we really appreciate your generosity

  12. I thank you for this video. It's similar to the strategy I myself use only with different MA settings. I especially like your comments on how people panic and get out too early. A problem I had in my early trading days. Good stuff.

  13. thank you for this video how would we buy? what would be the rule to jump in on a buy?

  14. Hi Yolanda, what would you do if there is a convergence of the 10/15 EMA and the 50 MVA on your 5 minute chart? Buy/sell/wait?

  15. If it works..why you no longer use it?….

  16. Can I use this strategy in any time frame? Are the moving averages exponential or simple?

  17. I am looking for consistency in my trading, and I would be very happy making just 5 pips a day IF I could do that consistently. Do you know of any strategies, probably scalping strategies, that would enable me to CONSISTENTLY make just 5 pips a day?

  18. Is this using the Aligator indicator?

  19. Hello Mam, very simple but effective technique. If you don't mind I would like to have a chat with you…please invite me in gmail. My id is [email protected] a lot. Keep going.

  20. glad to see Black womans winning! do u have any other tips

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