Forex for Beginners. How to Trade with MT4


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  2. graed video thanks for published

  3. if I have 100 USD and I want to trade just 50USD , how I can do that ? thank you

  4. How much money do you average per day :)?

  5. Thank you so much for this Janna. I've learned more things about my trading platform. Do you also have some videos that could help me win trades? I've been practicing in demo acct but i keep getting losses.

  6. Really good, and your voice is sooooo sexy, so it makes learning from you fun :-)

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  8. Hello jan, how much time will it take to be expert of forex trading

  9. Hello jan, how much will it take to be expert of forex trading

  10. Hello jan, how much will it take to be expert of forex trading

  11. I love your channel, Janna! Thank you so much for giving us all this free information, you are brilliant. I'm very excited now about starting to trade and making some money! xx

  12. Very good tutorial.Thank you very much Janna.

  13. How long have you been trading

  14. thank u so much Janna for your valuable information…its really help me a lot.

  15. How do you setup the trading robot?

  16. Thanks for the Vid Janna !

  17. My friendly comments:

    Very informative but format of these videos is terrible.
    You can easily fit it in 40 min, you would get more views and followers.
    I guess 1:26min is just too long. Gets very tiring.

    You talk  lot about how to enter the market but nothing about what happens after.
    I have not seen you placing any trades, managing them and reviewing them week over week.
    It is easy to analyse full charts.
    Why not trying to analyse charts using strategy tester and have the historic price action fast forwarded. This would be much more useful to teach how to spot the trends.


  18. i love you baby REALLY informative video appreciate it to uploaded it 
    My question is that how can we choose our pip's"automatic pip's Target"in one click trading   BUY OR SELL please that will be great Thanks
    I mean if we buy then what will be our target how many pips, and if we sell what will be our target down wards

    [email protected]

  19. Great video Janna, thanks for sharing
    When you going to show us your EA :-)

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