Forex Foundation – Forex Trading Course Ep.1


  1. Ed, is there way I can reach you by phone??? I am very interested in trading the Forex market. Have many questions and an idea.

  2. I like the way it's been explained. Pretty smooth and accurate. I would recommend this video to anyone who wants to learn forex

  3. Thank you #forex_Factory the information is very helpful for us beginners. Two/ three months from now am start trading. Will get back to you. Is there any way a person can get in contact with you directly, for a one on one seminar?

  4. Ed, is it possible to contact you directly? I would like to ask you some questions about trading Forex.
    Thank you. James M

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  9. 20:51 did a plane just crash outside of his window?

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  12. Did anyone else noticed the helicopter flying in the background 24:28

  13. as a beginner, this has been the most helpful bit of information I've found thus far. Thank you.

  14. this man is a gift of god for me

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