Forex Trading: A VERY Good FOREX Trading Video So TAKE NOTES


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  4. hi all this is so fun ☁

  5. So, how do you find out which Forex pair and time frame is best to trade?   : FXtrendy Net

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  7. One of the best videos I watched on this topic

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  9. Great Video, can you refer me to one that teaches us how to read what exactly is going on, on the screen. Thank You very much

  10. so you only trade long?

  11. What program can i use for trading?

  12. are a trader or work in news room , or FM broadcaser

  13. So he solely trades on price action and harmonic patterns. Am I correct?

  14. Great video thank you very much

  15. Are you doing any arbitrage trading? It makes all the since in the world.

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  17. Do you offer a trading service?

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