Forex Trading for Beginners: 4 Professional Traders, 1 Year Ending Q&A Session


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  2. I like this.I like this.

  3. I like this.I like this.

  4. Finally, someone who is honest about forex and not trying to sell me something! Love the video.

  5. The key of success is automation You can run it on AutoPilot with Binary Options software!!
    No complex charts, no baffing analysis, no complecatedd methods In fact nothing to learn.
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  6. I'm so reassured that you recognize where your blessings come from and yes you are blessed.

  7. Also Akil so you might know me in the future I'm a fellow west Indian from the island from Trinidad and Tobago. I generally matey quite since you'll are so much more advanced that I am. I'm slowly allocating myself into this feel for the independence. I'm in the nursing field and often get disappointed by the being rejected when I want to take that time off from work and can't. I'm locked into being tied down.

  8. I've been quite all this time Akil. Your videos are on point. You and Jason keep it real with us and that's what sets the 2 of you apart. Congratulations on the success at Trade Empowerment. I'm praying to some day a lot of your skills grows on me. My husband is also learning and more of a driven trader and does the work entailed. Akil you shared what you value and aspire for and those are our dreams also. I frequently send whatever videos I view with my husband about the psychology and back testing. The psychological aspects of trading are very much appreciated. Can't feel along ,we have you.He hasn't seen that success as yet but we feel that it's eventually. Yes family time and vacations,free time is VERY VALUABLE. My husband is an independent contractor and works from home. I love your Rants and telling other people who doesn't care for it to leave. I love it Akil. Thank you for giving back also,thank you Jason Stapleton also.Akil love the music and humor keep up the FANTASTIC work.

  9. Love your life philosophy brother! It's what drew me in to your advice. I too seek to trade not for money's sake but, time's. Keep kicking those haters to the curb and repeat yourself 100X if need be! We need to hear it more than ever these days. Life is NOTHING but, a collection of experiences and the possession of money is but one of them. Thanks for being a part of our journey friend and even more so making us a part of yours.

    "Well, there is only one piece of advice I can give you.” said the wisest of wise men. “The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world, and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon”

    – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

  10. Thanx Akil and the rest of the trade empowered team for effort you put toward empowering traders…Great Video

  11. hi can you suggest broker for outside U.S residents?

  12. Does Darren only trade cyphers?

  13. great video, lots of insights. Thank you!

  14. Thanks Akil for uploading the video! The times in the description was especially useful. Cheers and happy holidays

  15. I'm sorry guys, I just can't believe how you are banging on about trading, making out like its some complicated voodoo thing one must come to your room to learn. Trading is simple, it's something a new person can just go pick up themselves, they dont have to pay you guys a load of their trading money for your voodoo methods. And one more thing, you bang on about 3% a month or maybe 5% if your really good. That's just bollox. You should be able to make 100-150% per annum easily at low risk. Beginners should not be going near Forex, they should be learning on more safe markets like indices. A good trader can trade forex and he should be able to make 50% a month on forex. Akil you want to through out anyone who doesn't agree with you, but that doesn't mean you are right. Maybe you could learn something man. Did you think of that? I think you are stuck because of your ego. Sorry I know you don't want to hear it, but I wouldn't be helping if I didn't tell you.

  16. when is your birthday Akil? Bet you don't tell me!

  17. Wow Akil this must have been super intensive for you to do and I really appreciate it. I've been out of town for most of the month and have just gotten back. I hope your Christmas was awesome and wish you another great year in 2016!

  18. really nice touch with the times on the questions; haven't seen it before; great work Akil!

  19. Thank you Akli for your videos. They are very useful and I do not even trade Forex

  20. Great Video Akil……. super inspired for 2016

  21. Akil, what percentage of your 2015 trades from the equity curve were winners? Also any stats on how many trades went right in to winner territory and closed winners i.e. no drawdown at all.

  22. Thanks Akil, Jason S and Trade Empowered team for everything you do every day, and for give me back the hope in Forex trading again. Merry Christmas and successful New Year.

  23. Really great video, hope you're having a great holiday!

  24. Hi Akil,

    Thanks for the all knowledge you gave, helped me a lot on trading. Cheers

  25. nice video Akil! I'm really enjoying them!
    what is the name of that audio player sound application and do the sounds come with it

  26. Hi, do you trade with FXCM??
    if not who is your broker??

  27. It was nice Q @ A. Itwas me who asked about elliot waves, thanks Akil for posting such question and i wishyou a happy new year for you and for all the family. Your student Mohamed from Egypt

  28. thx Akil for putting this video here…. i was in live session but for some reason it was keep breaking it up for me all the time so had to quit…. great question… great answers… keep it up lads… and see you in 2016!!!! Happy Holidays

  29. Hey Akil,

    Great Video, thanks for posting it. During the video, you said that the news in the mainstream media is not reliable, does that mean there aren't any that is?

  30. Def taking heed to all of this fantastic advice. It's good knowing I'm not the only crazy fool struggling trying to chase this forex dream haha

  31. Thanks for putting it on here Akil. Great to refer back to, especially the part when Jason says my name ahahaha

  32. Hey Trader's here's a link to the Charles Miles "Struggling Trader" Youtube Page

  33. Hey gang here's a link so that you can subscribe to Jason Graystone's Youtube Page

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