Forex Trading For Beginners- How To Trade Options For Beginners 2016


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  2. ok I found out she is a scam!!! I did an investigation and found that several different 4x bots are connected by over 5 people, look for these named, Kevin, James, Hugh, Alex, and Frank. they want you to register on Thierry bots…. but I thought this was Kevins bot… oh but the person who showed you is a secret. shut the fuck up lying bitch!!!!

  3. yeah okay less than a thousand people know about this software LOL who are you trying to fool ? but u will onl help 10 people? wow!!! but its all for free

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  5. This lady in the video has been paid to do this. Her name isn't even Cindy Taylor, her name is 'Katie harvey'

    It's not nice to SCAM people out of money. I'm so glad this whole thing got exposed to be a scam. Selling false hope to people who just want to change their lives.

  6. You're full of shit. After 12 minutes of your video, you keep saying you're going to let us in on your secret. Why not shut the fuck up about stupid shit, and actually talk about trading?
    Let me guess, because you have no fucking clue about Forex trading, so stop gloating yourself on fake transactions.

  7. A millionare would never do a youtube video unless he needs to and by the way people get rich quick scheme like what's she doing it's completely a fraud to make all of that money u need to work hard u need to work your ass off ok so discard the video and get to work

  8. Thanks for the recommendations

  9. Jesus Christ, this whole video is just her repeating herself.

  10. LMAO LMAO you cant prove you have alot of money by showing on online blurred out version.Most people dont know this but you can log into your online bank and save the page and edit your checking account save html and you can easily fool someone into believing you have that much money :).My opinion is you are a scam..Might be using social psychology to grab your audience but something is just not right.If you had 16 million dollars I really dont think you would be engaging in small ventures like tryna make people buy your scammy shit from your classes just saying man

  11. WHAT A LOAD OF BULL SHIT. More like working as an ESCORT if that. No way she can trade.

  12. Why does this don't sound new. Oh yeah that's right Fake!!!

  13. 2-4-16: "The page format for the software I'm using (I took up your offer) looks different than that in the video. I am using the one you're offering, yes? I clicked the link in the description"

    Update: Well, I guess I gotta work on being less credulous because this video was actually posted 8 months ago and the link is no longer relevant. But kudos to you for getting me to deposit 250 in ProfitMaximizer. Got the Autotrade turned on, so we'll see if this is a scam or not.

    Let my credulousness help guide you other viewers.

    The best to your success

  14. If you are rich, that's great, but you need to find a hair designer who can cut your bangs straight.

  15. Anyone below actually sign up?

  16. Mr Robins, can you personally vouch that this is not a scam? Being that it's via your channel. Thanks J

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  18. Forex Trading For Beginners- How To Trade Options For Beginners 2016

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