Forex Trading for Beginners – Learn to Trade Forex with cTrader – Episode 1


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  15. does ctrader automatically account for commission and fees?

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  17. great video! well explained once you know the terms. thanks for posting!

  18. hi im new to this kind of trading,how do i kick start this whole thing?

  19. I made $4000 on my demo account in two days. I felt amazing especially since i went in without knowing what a pip is……just took a shot in the dark ahaha. I also made $9000 on a stock market practice app in overnight without knowing what i was doing too. too bad it was all just fake practice trades and not real ones

  20. I understood this a lot better than alot of paid videos out there, I appreciate your knowledge sir

  21. I'm completely new to this and I hope I become successful. Thanks for this video… wish me luck :)

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  24. i love ctrader. There is only 1 thing id like to see. opening new chart is such a drag. id like just to drag and drop the pair on to already open chart winodw. i understand ctrader was made to resemble mt4. Thats one option on mt4 that i cant let go.

  25. I am completely new to this and was wondering how you know when the currency will rise. Is this from market observation or is it by analysing its past value? or both?

  26. As a newbie, this video really helped a lot! Will definitely watch your other videos! Thanks!

  27. I been try lots of way but it's
     didn't work properly this video
     is really helped  me

  28. A good intro to cTrader. I don't use it myself but it is a solid platform. If you want to learn about to actually trade Forex and learn the trading strategy I trade with please visit my channel. You can also follow the trades I take in real time.

  29. what i also heared of is a "lot" could you explain that to me?

  30. HI Mr,Alex ,,my name is Nicola and i trade in Forex since 4 years and i like your video and explanations….do you have signals for expectations or prediction strategies that can subscribed with ..?

  31. alex i already have my demo account and i traded with it, i want to know how can i can change my demo account to real money account…pls. help me..also how to fund the real account?

  32. Çok teşekkür ederim. Hepsini bir arada bulmak güzel oldu.

  33. Alex this is a fantastic video man,i was trading binary option but want to switch to forex,i am well versed with the technical part of the chart reading and indicators.what i am a little confuse is the actual platform that you are using,its more complicated than binary platform.What trading broker are you using  Ctrader or the platform,do they have a demo platform where you can learn the ins and out of it.Thanks man.

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