Forex – [Trading For Beginners] – Risk Management


  1. I am a total newby to Forex. A week ago I had no idea what all those lines, squares meant. I have been watching numerous videos and reading tons of stuff. I must say this video has truly made me so confident that I can make some money. : )

  2. Hey nick im looking to get into forex i was a bit lost bro, i understood the stop lost cause it automatically helps you not lose. My name is Michael, im definitely looking to get started. 

  3. I'm very very new to this but one thing i came in with was wanting to understand defence because i understand any attack needs a great defence, thanks for a great vid and i should make contact soon, cheers nick

  4. It is a fact that 100% risk free trades are nonexistent, but proper risk management is vital to achieve success. Great video, THANKS!!!

  5. Ahhhh I finally understand the stop loss setting….thanks Nick!

  6. Great video.  I really like your presenting style.  Thanks.

  7. So im an complete noob at this, dont know what anything means and have never traded in my life. Can anyone send a link to point me in the right direction? Thanks :)

  8. Man, you are awesome! I started to trade a month ago. Before that I didn`t have any idea of trading… A lot of videos, posts, opinions and etc on the web. The way you explained that to me is actually the best way ever. Clearly understood everything and waiting for you to upload more of that stuff here in your youtube channel. How can I enroll your university, is there any special kind of class or just everybody has an access to your videos, lectures, webinars? Thank you andvance

  9. Could i use 4 hr 2hr for setups and 1hr for entry?

  10. What charts can I use to open position no longer then 2 days?

  11. Hey Nick, great video! How would you incorporate leverage into risk management? If I want to only risk 1% per trade, and I use 10:1 leverage, does that mean I'm risking 10% of my account? Thanks!

  12. How long are your positions open generally?

  13. Key to success! Great job man!

  14. Excellent explanation of risk management, the stop loss and position size explanation is huge for being successful! 

  15. Can you PLEASE make a for your students? It's free and supports mac, windows, ios and android :)

  16. I love your videos man! you got my sub.

  17. lol i love your vids


  19. you are a genius xD

  20. How many videos this good do you make daily?

  21. Great video its a shame you don't make regular videos to give your viewers a incentive to join as your videos, paid content in the course is amazing! You could potentially become one of the best fx channels on youtube so please be more active on youtube, 🙂

    I'm not sure if you went over this in the video, I haven't watched it yet but can you go over risk:rewards, price action and why you don't use Ichimoku Clouds? Can you add gold, oil and indices in your course, youtube? PLEASEEEEE

    sorry for all the requests lol

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