Forex trading strategy to make $1 million from $500 in 3 years of forex trading.


  1. How long have you been trading?

  2. The highest I've made in 2 days is $6000 with binary trading form $100 account. One day I had no money & used DEMO account with 10K. I placed trades the opposite direction , some without full analyzing. Within 50 minutes I reached $700 000. By the way I was using 60 sec, 1 min & 5 min trade. You can make a million trading in a day / week. At the same time you can lose a lot & the most people lose. Whether you have a strategy these financial sharks know when to get you. I once paused placing trades & within minutes the trend went down rapidly non stop I couldn't tell what was going on. The was no market news / anything on the calendar EUR/USD mid- week Wednesday 4pm Australian time . I wanted to find out why it went down & to this day I know that a bunch of people sat down & agreed to crash the EURO. When you trade just look out and identify the best sell / buy positions on the chart. Also dont risk too much money if you're not sure. The robots, strategies, systems wont work all the time. That's how brutal the market is cos everything gets outdated & your personal life changes over time. You just have to be patient, determined & disciplined to learn while you win / lose

  3. In the initial phase everybody has to take in consideration of the charges of the online brokerage fee charges when we start our base investment of $500 yes?

  4. Can I start with 50,000 and make 100 million ?

  5. How's this strategy working for you so far?

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  8. Isn't there 365 days in a year?

  9. In order to do this you'll need to be 100% right every day with no dowfalls.

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  11. Do you do webinars and what are good brokers to trade with?

  12. My results for past 4 weeks: for those of you who are curious.

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  14. Hello, Rafal, have scam many times and I lost a lot of money Is that works? I to become million. in two months is impossible. How can i get your system people say forex are scam I am fear pl. show me the way and good broker email : [email protected] my name Pascal

  15. Gotta pick the correct trades though. That's the tough part.

  16. I would like to learn trading
    send a mail to box [email protected] thanks

  17. I would like to learn trading

  18. Has anyone attended Rafal's on line workshop

  19. I would like to learn from you in trading, I'm 15 and I want to focus me in trading only.

  20. You had a very good time making this, didnt you?

  21. Trading everyday for 3 years minus weekends minimum 10 pips a day, what size lots?

  22. I would like to learn from you in trading ! how is this possible?

  23. How much of your balance are you investing? I read an article from Chris Pottorff which says he recommends 2-4% of balance? Thank you in advance

  24. 10 pip per day, for how spread! 8-9, I like the motto usdjpy cadjpy, in short I'm septic.

  25. Nice theory behind this video, thank you for this.

  26. Hello, thanks for the video…

    I use this financial calculator o calcualte compounding on my initial capital.. it's awesome:

    Keep the good work

  27. If that only would to so easy as your calculations….. Do you really believe you can force the market to give you 10 pips a day?

  28. 1.01= 10 pips?
    my calcul is
    500 × 0,01×260
    im not understand your calcul

  29. how do I join u? can u add me to r Skype haoonrashid127

  30. Pls show me the way to win 1% consistently  everyday in forex. If you only show the math, why don't you widen your dream by saying something like making 1 billion from 100 usd in 7 years, lol

  31. What about just trading 0.01 lot size for every $100 and just make a set number of pips every day

  32. its been only a year, great strategy

  33. but ur not a millionaire. even tho i adopt this concept

  34. also ive worked out that you will make double the money in the first year by making one trade a month and making 30 percent on it. This can be possible and some smaller shares. forex for very small accounts can be hard

  35. I suppose though that 1 per cent a day is pretty good in a market where 90 percent fail and lose money. plus it will take more like 5 years as most people don't have the ability to live on savings, your winning will have to be used. but like your analysis. people have to think though are you gonna be on 500k lus risking the whole amount on one trade?

  36. Nice video, but I see a problem here.. With a strategy that gives me guaranteed 90% hit rate on 10 pips every day, I could be a millionaire within a few weeks/months. I mean if you have a strategy that guarantees you your 90% hit rate (and this is my issue, 90% hit rade is ridiculous, no offence, just an expression), why not go uber leverage and make that in a few months ? There is no system that guarantees A 90% hit rate, or everybody would use it . Feel free to prove me wrong, I really really would like to know that system.

    Edit: I watched Your other videos, and I wonder (not going to delete the above comment since still unclear if not scam), if Your scalper method is 90% true, why only 10 pips per day ? I mean if 1 out of 10 daily trades is a fail then, eve playing safe you could go for 3 or 4 trades of 10 pips. That would make it 40-50 pips a day .. That in turn would make the compound strategy much better. So why not go for more than 10 pips , if you have a 90% true hit strategy ?

    Also to be clear, please no offence, I would love for this to be a true strategy, but I would like some clarification 🙂 Have a good day i pozdrowionka ;)

  37. Nice video explanation. The reality is not many people can get the +10 pips daily. I know professional traders taregeting +5 per trade. Trading Pure Price Action has eliminate all the noise and made trading easy for me.

  38. 90% winning trade ? you have to be a god or devil to get that.

  39. Hello, In your opinion what the best broker to trade forex for a beginner who doesn't have a much capital ?

  40. How you doing? I would love to have a smart friend like you. I need to make money yo

  41. if i want to make 5% how do i calculate it because when i try to calculate it i get a way different answer

  42. but I'm just going to for a little while stick to what you say thank you again sorry for typing so much

  43. I think a lot of people make the transition from working 9to5 getting $10 an hour or $20 an hour which teaches them nothing about business then they save enough money to go and trading so of course they look at losing to $3,000 like a huge deal but for somebody like me losing money is part of being in business part of learning

  44. you can lose a lot of cars because in trading you don't have no overhead you don't have to pay $5,000 a month for your dealership you don't have to pay sales people you don't have to pay the rent you don't have to pay the light you don't have to pay advertisement you don't have to fix cars not to mention all the physical work that has to be put in plus you're dealing with something that is completely saturated there's a dealer selling cars in every corner and you can hit a button and sell sometimes I'm willing to lose money on a car and I still have to wait months for somebody to feel like they want to buy it

  45. you know I have to get up at 4 in the morning drive an hour to the auction bid on god knows how many cars maybe spend $100,000 in one day on cars that I don't really have time to check then get him to my dealership then find out one has a bad engine then fix it then find the customer then pay employees the list just goes on that's why I don't see where the risk in this is how could a currency ever go back to zero

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