How to Scalp the Forex Market for Profit – For Beginners


  1. i think scalping is illegal on plus500

  2. Probably one of the best videos on scalping I've seen. Thanks for this! Your other videos are great as well, and I've watched quite a few, but this one has hit closest to my personal style of trading so far.

  3. Hello, wanted to know does IG, accept US traders?

  4. What if the previous maximum/minimum happened a very long time ago i.e 8-10 hours before? would you just not enter on that one?

  5. Wow awesome but too quick for me! will however keep watching it to the hang of it. Thanks for sharing your expertise:)!

  6. Appreciate the time taken out to make these videos- they're a cut above most of the rubbish on here.
    Can I ask you which software and broker firm you use?

  7. Straight to the point, easily profitable if used correctly. That was grate cheers pal.

  8. ok. two questions 🙂
    1. the engulfing candle. does it have to be on Any particular position? either touching the resistens? or?
    2. do You set new resistens og support zones throughout the Day? or only Stick to the ones from yesteday?

  9. hi. whats the minimum amount of money one would need start an account in IG ?

  10. Thank you for your videos!! Apparently I've been "profitably" scalping in Demo mode-had no idea that's what it was until a friend saw my records. 🙂 I'm unable to practice in my former career, decided to learn about the markets after my advice to my brother resulted in some profits for him. Don't plan on going "live" for quite awhile-there are still some things in FOREX that confuse me..but I LOVE a challenge, so will check out your other videos & subscribe!

  11. Hello , 1) Should we use a relatively high leverage and a lot size when trading using this strategy ? 2) Can we use daily pivot points as S/R levels as you taught in another video with this method?

  12. thanks for your video ,it was very informative ! im a new trader and i hope this type of trading will work for me . im with etx capital and it seems to me that their spread is too high , need to change. do you think IG has tighter spreads ? thanks and all the best

  13. isn't the stop loss it too large compared to the profit you collect in few trades that will wipe it all out ? wold it be better to scalp on 5 mins or 3 mins chart ?

  14. Excellent videos for beginners, think you could make a live trade video on scalping the Forex market in the near future?

  15. Hi James, thanks for the videos they're brilliant. Give a very good insight into trading and its also very good to watch them happen in real time.When you say you would trade in reduced stakes when it comes to scalping what percentage of your total capital would this be? And also what would your normal trade percentage be for more long term trades?Many thanks

  16. Hello James, i want to sign up with your trading course, however it gives only the option for creditcard payment.
    Can i just do a wire transfer and become one of your members?
    all the best from the Netherlands.

    [email protected]

  17. Thanks for the informative video! Been grabbing a few pips here and there haha

  18. What software do you use to scalp? My platform doesnt show all of those options.

  19. All respect to you bro, God bless 4 real

  20. Hi I'm a newbie and I find your videos very informative, clear and straight to the point. As I'm a beginner I've started with binary options, can I use this strategy in the same way? And If I wanted to start trading by buying long time shares, whats a good platform to use.

  21. Your videos are spot on. Simply put. Thanks a lot!

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