How To Trade Forex News Release, Real Time Trades, Best Strategy!


  1. I think it is great idea to use a trailing stop loss during news release.

  2. great video. where are you checking the news?

  3. you use to much "cainde off" word

  4. Well done. I also trade the news and its fascinating seeing someone else do it also.

  5. Janna why does in the news where it shows the % of the movement sometimes it's just a number not a percentage . What does it all mean and how do u apply it to buying and sellin trends

  6. What happens if there is slipperage and how to avoid it?

  7. Hi Janna,
    How to get the EA which is you are using (line trader).

  8. hi jana sometimes i see that even there is no market news at the moment there is opp move in the market why does this occur? and also when we plot trend lines it means usually market is testing that area to break or bounce and a lot times i see that market is near to test but it is far away to trend line and make a back move. it looses confidence in me. i usually see these when combined with fibonacci.

  9. nice strategy, i like it .
    i will try it next week .

  10. Hello. thank you for your Youtube. How to get the EA which you are using. Line trader? Can I try that EA?

  11. You used to risk 1 lot . Why you using 0.1 lot now ?
    And i really wonder why u only trade with 1000$ only ! Even so you were successful all year

  12. I really enjoyed this vid. I downloaded it to my desktop and will watch it again. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Best to you.

  13. HI Janna, A question regarding the lines that you draw in MT4. In my MT4 platform, when I draw a line, it goes all the way and I cannot see the end. In your videos, I see that you are drawing short lines. How do you do that?

  14. Hello Janna,

    When I use your channel method I put a trade on both sides so I'm covered no matter what direction the market goes. Once the move starts I cancel the order that didn't start.

    Something I have found that helps a lot during non news periods is a currency strength indicator. I found one for free listed on a FX chat site.
    All the best with your trades.

  15. hi Jana what site you use for news

  16. Hi Jana what is the name of the chart you are using

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