Learn Forex Trading from a PROFESSIONAL FOREX TRADER


  1. Could u please suggest me a broker to start

  2. Great video. Im very interested in this trading bussiness. Please help..

  3. Nice video! Keep up the good work!

  4. great video thanks for puplished

  5. "simply the best" yet absolutely desperate for you to buy my course

  6. Thanks man my sister was just telling me about forex trading and you make it better to understand it better 

  7. Is it possible to study accounting and forex at the same time ?

  8. hello
    i m a beginner so could you please tell me about what is the good and trusted webs?

  9. What is your MyFXbook page?

  10. Hi there, do you agree investopedia is a good place to learn about investing? thanks.

  11. can i tried your live room for 1 week

  12. after saying you're 'one of the best in the industry' im wondering how much you profit monthly roughly if thats not too personal or anything, really intrigued, thanks.

  13. Hi Samuel, are you on Etoro so i can copy your trades ?

  14. Use some of your profits to buy batteries for your clocks lad

  15. I'am very interested in this. Thanks! :)

  16. Stopped watching when you naively said "I Truly am the best."               "All the world is my school and all humanity is my teacher.”
     ― George Whitman

  17. i dont like forex too much fundamentals.

  18. Samuel, I couldn't have said it better. I am sure this will be a great help for new traders… if they're willing to follow your advice :)

  19. One of the best ? I think not ;)

  20. hello my nam is sandile mthembu living in south africa i nid your hellp plz in enything about trading am a young puwer boy but wishing pupport my family…..so plz hellp me to get here god will bles you or you can invite me on FACEBOOK to sandile zondi….plz reply me bra

  21. You know Samuel I totally Agree with you on everything you've just said. Let me be frank with you I opened a live account after 6 months of reading books about trading ect. and I tought I was ready I ended up losing half cause id make dumb mistakes that id not realise why. so then I stopped trading real money. and practised how to trade. atleast after reading a lot about trading and most of all those books mentioned that to be successful you have to mimic a professional, now I take screenshots of everything , every great trade opportunity every mistake I make, every new pattern I see, I mean this week alone ive made over 40 screenshots filled with description on what to look for ect, I know a lot about Japanese candles and formations they make, I know now how to anticipate future market movement by using previous price action to determine future price action,  I know a lot about Technical Analysis and indicators and how to use them, and also Fundamental Analysis and how and what times they affect the market. All iam doing now is perfecting my art now so ill have a clear image of how accurate my trading is in %  over a period of 3 months, I make sure if I made a mistake ill learn from them. All I need now is to find an investor to believe in my trading skills so ill be able to swing trade for them and build my own account up. $200 is shit but I think if i use 15m charts to Scalp with a 50 day ema dynamic S+R to use as a Stop loss plus Horizontal S+R lines for profit targeting  as well as trend lines. And incorporating  consolidations and news with breakouts with a Stochastic for oversold and overbought levels and ADX for Momentum and Trend Strength as well as Volume, and Japanese candle formations all in correspondence  do you think I might stand out? in winning for the long run ? oh and iam self taught theres no traders to look up to in my town cause there isn't any whatsoever. But ive noticed using 50 day Ema dynamic can really work very well if spotted right with the right jap candle and S+R level can work wonders. I saw your video about S and R and the last bit got me soo excited, I saw great opportunity if used right I instantly wrote the rules ive made for that strategy down in my trading journal I cant wait for market open so I can test it out. please if you've read this my email is [email protected] id really like to learn from you, price action is so fun to learn. Ive practised  most styles: swing, scalp works great for me, hourly (intra day) 5m charts ive got tons of strategies drilled in my head. please id love to join your mentoring program and iam sure its not gonna be cheap. I am 20 years old from South Africa.  Thank you if you've read this msg and replied :)

  22. my problem is the last one that you mentioned

    i have very good position points < almost 90% of my trades succed , but i close it so early with very low income , after closing i see how a stupid is me

    every time and i could not change myself , whats your advice ?

  23. Hello Pro !!!

    Do you recommend

    Dukascopy for trading forex !!!!!!???????????? is it real ecn broker !??

  24. What you say about pattern trading ?

  25. hello. just wanna ask a question. how long it take to make a friend with the trend?

  26. Hi Samuel
    Do you mentor anyone personally?
    I'd love to learn more and was just wondering if you would take anyone on and mentor them one to one?

  27. Very informative – thank you. (BTW, I hope you went long on that chart just behind you!)

  28. thanks Samuel, good sound advice…was it Arnold Palmer who said once " the more i practice the luckier i get"..desire is the key here, burning desire followed by lots of hard work

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