Scalping Strategy System EA V1.4 – 100% Win Ratio No Draw Downs


  1. hi Pandey. Can u give me ur contact number? I want to talk to you on this. I am from Bangalore

  2. Superb Scalper. A+++++. Slr nuine.
    Started with $200, Lot size 0.1 and later 0.02 for 56 hrs. 100% win win ratio. Profit scored $162

  3. Hi. I posted some questions on your facebook page. please let me know the answers so I can purchase asap. Thanks.

  4. Depends how you set up the sensitivity parameter.

  5. how often dose the ea up date sense market changes through out time

  6. How can I adjust the entry as close to the entry of the new candle as possible?

  7. love your product
    have some advice how to set the parameters?

  8. hy….tell me how can i get this one….

  9. i tested this one also,eur usd

  10. It's working perfect at demo account. Same setting.

  11. Vamos a testear este software y luego comentaremos

  12. Super, just what I was looking for.

  13. Amazing profit man, nice presentation! Thank you for working on new projects!!

  14. Just, got it. Have a question, where can I find memory files?

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