Teach Me How To Trade Currency | Nadex | Binary Options | Part 1 of 2


  1. if i'm not able to have my computer with me would you recommend trading from a smartphone?

  2. that big red bird looks beautiful,, how can we learn how to use it too ?? :)

  3. glad i saw this do they deal with South Africa aswell from Cape Town and want to start

  4. 20 years of experience but still uses a program

  5. I'll be following your system shortly here. Love how you're not flashing money in front of us and setting up real expectations rather than the fluff. 

    I was gonna go with Forex MT4 but good thing i haven't deposited anything yet as your Tallinex broker recommendation looks to be like a really good platform especially with that quick trade button feature.

  6. Can trading be done on a mac

  7. is this legal in usa? I need to know, if tellinex is registered broker? so many regulations.

  8. In the video you say you've been doing this for 20 years. But you sound so young tho lol either way, good work man

  9. I would like to have that sisterm but only if some one would help me installed on my pc and explained how to used,and i wonder if is usable on nadex platfform,if there is some one to hat can help please contact me at 3143269776, my name is rasim, thnks

  10. actually using Octave and Jeffs training now to success.

    Very straight guy. Love the Octave Find me on Google if you have any questions

  11. I wish I had seen this video before I paid $399 to join a different trader group! Blew 90% of my account with them.
    Do you think 20% per week is possible? That would turn into a LOT compounded weekly, assuming you don't withdraw.

  12. Nice video… I want in and I am willing to learn!

  13. Does your broker accept usa clients?

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