Trading Forex for Beginners – The Basics


  1. Do you base the price off of the exchange rate or the bid/ask prices? I'm confused with that

  2. u people just made things more confusing. great job

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  6. Im trying to use FXTrader but the historical charts wont load. Im using mac and have latest adobe flash player. Anyone know what to do?

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  9. where do you get the chart window ?

  10. Can u work this program on a smart phone

  11. I've watched a ton of videos on forex and yours was by far the best, thanks man! I actually understood what you were talking about!

  12. Where abouts on are you able to download the chart windows?Thanks in advance

  13. I dont understand how you lose money ?
    Lets say you invest in a currency at 50
    But it dropped to 25 …. Yes the value went down but you never sold it so you didnt lose money then you wait until in goes to 75 , now you made a profit ….any insight ?

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  17. play around and not lose hahahaha, say no more !!!!!!!

  18. Pls show me when it's the right time someone is expected to buy and sell

  19. i'm new User I need a Popper guide in forex.

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  21. For Forex beginners i think without knowledge anyone can't success there business. Can you tell me how can i grow up???

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