Watch The Forex Guy Make a $7000 Trade with Simple Swing Trading!


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  3. if your trade was real,why did you publicate it?

  4. excellent bro..thanks..

  5. What are the 2 moving averages you use?

  6. Great video! Trading break of EMA and Trendline is very powerful! Also combining higher timeframe structures and entering on lower timeframes gives us huge risk to reward ratio 🙂

    Cheers traders

  7. Guys, I read that article and I really think it is a good way to make money while trading forex!

  8. The more equity you trade the more you can swing. While $7000 in 3 weeks sounds great it's still less than i make at my day job but if he had risked 3 contracts ($1800) then he would bank $21,000 which is much more than I make. The issue here is that time is related to money. It's funny how many people forget this. Day traders tend to exist because the shorter time frame in which you make money makes the money more valuable. (Like a contractor making $50 / hour vs $50 /day).

  9. So, how do you find out which Forex pair and time frame is best to trade? Is a great tool 
    : FXtrendy Net

  10. 13 dislikes? Who the fuck would dislike this insane trade and explanation…. Insane bro keep it up

  11. It was a good trade .
    9:20 , market did breakdown because it was going to form Wave 5th.

  12. Thanks for all the great content..Website is really informative and packed with free info on price action trading!Great job Dale..I have subscribed and look forward to more insights!Thank you again.

  13. What ema are used ?

  14. Excellent video, the patience and discipline ending is really what stuck with me afterwards.

  15. if its a consolidation then it supposed to go up again right? which is the trend.

  16. Can you tell me pls which EMA's are those two line, 8 and 20? Which broker and platform do you use?

  17. how is swing trading defined ? over few days ? how much interest rate you pay for this short position over 3 weeks ?

  18. mr.Dale only watched all videos of yours, make me ur biggest fan now! i usually do scalping, but after watched your method. i just wanna go swing all the way.

  19. im a major beginner. why would you sell if the price is going down, dont you buy when price goes down and sell when its up? i feel stupid

  20. im a major beginner. why would you sell if the price is going down, dont you buy when price goes down and sell when its up? i feel stupid

  21. What moving averages are you using on the daily?

  22. What are the parameters of the EMAs that shows on the charts?

  23. Excellent video. Thanks for posting. Can you advise – what were your total holding costs on this multi-day trade? Or were there none as you were selling the pound (and technically I suppose buying the NZD) and therefore as the pound has the lower interest rate yield did you in fact get paid interest by your broker? Not sure if I am correct on this point. Guess my question is what if any holding/roll-over costs did you have to account for?? Thanks.

  24. we want see live trade not the past

  25. Actually I'm going to be long time trader let's try and see what's gonna happen ????

  26. What about swing trading on lower timeframes? Is it possible, let's say on H1, holding trades for about 2-3 day intervals? (I'm just building my trading plan, and I'm much more happier about swings than two-bottom – less stressful, which is better for me) or is it better to stick for a longterm swings… I'm beginner in this, so I'm just gradually looking around, what's possible and where to start…

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